Moo Ha Ha!

Presented by LudvigPrinn

The Moo Ha Ha Awards are granted yearly for the most daring and diabolical accomplishment of magic. Submissions are due by June 21, 2001 and accomplishment is required by Dec 21, 2001. Only successful entries will be entered for judging, and winner will be announced on Jan 5, 2002.

Valid entries must be claimed by June 21, 2001 and in order to be judged successful, entries must make at least state news. The Moo Ha Ha Award is only for mages who dare think big.

Suggested entry types:

  • Government overthrown by dissidents
  • Natural disaster (earthquake, volcano)
  • Sinking an ocean liner
  • Downing a communications satellite
  • Destroying a well-known landmark

Naturally, these are only suggestions, but they illustrate the sorts of entries which make valid accomplishments for the purpose of this Award.

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Year 2000 Entries

  • Martial Law in the United States of America "under" Bill Clinton (who would probably like it, but I dont think he'd have the balls to order it outright, just to urge matters in a certain direction), before Yule this year.

  • Assasination of Pope John Paul II by a means such as heart attack or stroke.

  • Memphis Tn will be plagued by a terrible race riot, leaving a swath of destruction along beale Stree, the major tourist section of town. The loss of the tourism and the frightful display itself will run memphis into the ground. Stores demolished, insane people shooting guns off, cops called in to handle the situation: front page news type of stuff, brought about by *no reason in particular.* I want havoc and violence to sweep through the crowds on Beale Street (the major tourism income area) like an ill wind, sending hordes of people berserk at random and all at once.

  • Weather Havoc, hurricanes and tropical storms on the south east coast of the USA, on mexico, central america, and northern south american, that general area.

  • To make Mount Rainier erupt between August first and December 23rd, 2000.

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