There once was a young mage named Raymond,
Who wanted to evoke a daemon.
He forgot to complete
The circle round his feet,
Now he timeshares his hiney with Paimon.

There once was a Golem in Prague,
He was made from stuff found in a bog.
He wasn't too neat
Or quick on his feet,
But boy could he eat like a hog

There was a young lady from Oregon,
Who wanted to invoke the Morrigan.
She created a storm
That was so beyond norm,
She decided to be just a whore again

There once was a ravenous Wiccan,
Who had slippers just perfect for 'clickin'
She lived out in the sticks,
So she gave them three clicks,
And woke up in Kentucky Fried Chicken.

If you study strange rites from the past,
Please try them, and have a blast,
But beware! What devours
Those seeking great powers,
Will always be close on your ass.

There once was a Magus in France,
Who thought he had magical pants.
He kept very tight-lipped
'Bout how oft they unzipped,
After he asked the young maidens to dance.

There once was a Mage from the sticks,
Who liked to compose limericks.
But he failed at the sport
'Cuz he wrote them too short.

Perdurabo was a helluva mage
Who drove his competitors to rage.
They called him perplexed,
But unlike those he vexed,
He still seems to stand up with age.

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