By making an open invitation for demons (or any other spirits) to come and enjoy your living space, even in jest, you're likely to encounter problems. Something may take you up on your offer, or perhaps you'll start to attribute all the random "weird stuff" that goes on in your house to a spirit's presence. Judging from the Demon Files, people usually don't know the difference.

Some other easy ways to get demons attracted to you:

  1. Sit down and ask for a "spirit guide" to come and speak with you. Have a conversation with it. This works particularly well if you begin with easy "gut response" questions and then proceed to more complicated issues. If you decide to talk about issues of funadamental importance to your mental stability (faith & morals are good choices), the demon will be pleased as punch.
  2. Invent a mythical creature to account for any event. This event can be something small like creaks in the attic or something important like the creation of the world or the development of intelligent life. Now obsess over your invented creature until it responds to you.
  3. Take someone else's invented creature concept (see 2. above) and blame it for something you don't like. Now find or invent something else, and ask it to save or protect you from the wrath of the other critter. If it tell you to do something to protect yourself, go ahead! It's on your side, after all. Isn't it? ;)

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