Have you ever looked beyond the ordinary?  Have you ever looked at something and just wondered if something could have magickal properties?  Magik is a tool that helps bring about change in an ordinary world, through extraordinary means.  Magik's tools are an array of words, symbols, plants, weapons, and other utensils.  So, how about tape and other adhesives?  Below is a list if ordinary adhesives and restraints viewed through magickal "eyes."  Odd, yes.  Humorous, yes.  But, I bet you won't look at glue and tape the same way anymore.

Masking Tape: The Tape of Change
Masking Tape is used mainly to enable change.  It's used to cover parts of an object being changed.  When applied and used properly, it usually isn't permanent.  Its color is usually tan, an "Earth" color.  It helps you maintain an even keel when changing objects.

Super Glue; Krazy Glue: The Adhesive of Conformity
It starts colorless and when it dries, it is colorless.  This adhesive blends so well with objects that it is the ultimate adhesive for making items conform to a particular shape.  Because it also finds its way onto the individual applying this adhesive, caution should be used when attempting to make anyone or anything conform.

Duct Tape: The Tape of Wise Binding
Duct tape is a marvelous invention.  It can hold almost anything together.  Its color is usually silver, the color of the Moon and one of the colors of Wisdom. As with any ritual of binding, use it wisely.  It's colored silver for a reason.

Hot Glue Sticks: The Adhesive of Ritual
Hot glue sticks are usually clear, though sometimes you can find them in different colors.  Hot glue has a unique way of bonding items together.  It doesn't actually become part of the object.  It's also removable once it has cooled.  This makes hot glue sticks ideal for Circle casting.  It creates a barrier that can be seen by an astute observer, yet when its purpose is fulfilled, it can be removed.

Electrical Tape: The Tape of the Spirit
Electricity is the soul of the modern world.  Electrical tape was created to help repair wires and the like.  Used, appropriately, you will never be without the all-powerful soul of your modern life.

Elmer's Glue: The Adhesive of Innocence
School Glue, Elmer's Glue, is preferred for the creative ventures of young children.  It's color is white, the color of purity.  As with anything innocent, it doesn't last forever.  It washes out of clothing and rain can ruin even the most beautiful artwork done by a first grader.

The list above is by far, incomplete.  With some thought, you also can look at things through magickal "eyes."   Ever looked beyond the ordinary?

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