I am always looking for contributions for my site. That said, there are a few things to bear in mind. The site is particularly geared toward magic users - Im avoiding the majority of religiously based material - mostly because its been done to death online. Unfortunately, there isnt enough representation of good workable magic material, and a broad range at that. Be warned - I am not using an ethical filter on my site - its a FULL range of material.

One thing that I intend to remain adamant about is my acceptance of ONLY original material. I have no desire to post a third party's written work without their knowledge or consent. If you find something of yours that has been mistakenly submitted without your permission, please email me and I will see to resolving the matter as soon as I am able.

Please send submissions directly through the provided email link. I will not accept attached documents. If you have any appropriate artwork that you would like to submit, contact me ahead of time with a written description of the piece.

Include how you would like to be credited, should I accept your submission. Do you want me to cite your real name, your screen name, some other nickname? Do you want an email link provided, or perhaps a link to your own magical website? Let me know.

I am particularly interested in the following submissions at this time:

  • Spells, spells and more spells
  • Correspondence articles (color, date/time, animals, planets, moon phases, etc..)
  • Articles on teaching magic to children
  • Biographies of Notable figures in Occult History - include bibliography
  • Healing spells and technique
  • Articles on Gnosis - what it is and how to achieve it
  • Articles on Magic and the Scientific approach
  • A series on Magical Tools
  • Practical applications for invocation and evocation
  • Articles on Ghosts and Demons
  • Articles on High Magic
  • High Magic Rituals
  • Banishing Rituals and spells
  • Divination exercises
  • Original artwork applicable to any of the existing pages


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