To begin, Cantrap doesnt claim to be a Witchcraft site - nor is it intended to be. It does not espose the dogma of any particular system.

Cantrap is a magical site, not a religious one, and that is it's purpose for being. I post relevant articles and spells. I post material that is workable. Cantrap is a clearing house of information and reference to be used for the caster's personal education, inspiration or experimentation.

Let's bear in mind that ethics are not universal. I present a broad range of material with the knowledge that people are perfectly capable of choosing, on their own, what fits into their ethical system. I see no reason to try to force anyone else into *my* value set. I take much umbrage when anyone else (especially in the current political climate) tries to attempt such an act.

Magic users for thousands of years, both in the Occult and Witchcraft, have utilized what is modernly recognized as 'negative' magic. Such things exist; people still use them; their denial will not make them go away. Educate yourself, learn *how* such methods are used, in what context, and to what aim. Knowing these foundations will make you a better practitioner. Then you can decide what fits within your value set and act accordingly.

People often come to Witch chatrooms looking for spells and magical information. It became apparent that there was a lack of solid material on the web that supplied such - so I did my best to fill the gap.

All of the spellwork on the site has been used succsesfully, with the possible exception of a few of the Wizard Spells that were created in a fit of creative inspiration, but even they are built on time old practices that are an integral part of any experienced mage's system.

The majority of the contributors to the site are folks I know well and have developed a deep respect for. Their commitment to scholarship as well as practice is exemplary.

Take what is presented here - learn from it, adapt it to your own practice, and when you feel confident - contribute.

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