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The Virtual Voodoo Doll - A hilarious way to tease your friends, loved ones and enemies alike! Excellent design, wonderful images and best of all *no way to trace the curser*! Have a blast!

Why Wicca Sucks
This has to be one of my favorite sites. The webmistress has a sharp critical eye and a rapier wit to match. You will either be highly offended or you'll laugh your britches off. Either way, you will come away thinking. Enjoy.

Keep Wicca Traditional
A look at the conflict between Traditional Wicca and Neo Wicca with a sense of humor.

Toddler Witch Kit
A cute spoof of Silver Ravenpoof's Teen Witch Kit.
The Randi Psychic Challenge
Here's a carrot to anyone who claims to be truly psychic. Pit your abilities against the scientific process and walk away with a cool million. Let us know. :)

Break with reality and logic and romp in the land of Seuss. Games, contests, recipes, activities and whimsies abound!
Elysium Pigasus's home page. Contains more of his art work and links. Pig has contributed to this site.

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