Disclaimer right up front: no one is going to ever become a well-versed demonologist from reading websites. There are some interesting pages out there and all kinds of weirdos, but I have already run into a TON of sites where people spout off stuff they obviously gleaned from somewhere else. 90% of what I'm seeing is folks who don't really know demonology, they just find the topic sensational and want to post something that sounds knowledgeable. Most of it amounts to rehashing of what is available in works by folks who did real research. The majority of the offenders are born again Christians who will see the devil in a poptart if it pops up funny. I'll post some of those links for fun. The rest of them are just pushing some agenda or another.

The following links are some of the stuff I found worthwhile:

Worthwhile Demonology Sites

Congregation for Doctrine of Faith

This is an issue pertinent to official sanctioning of authority to perform exorcisms in the church. I include simply to show the difference between a hierarchical approach and Deliverance ministry types.

Roman Ritual Online - 1964 Edition

This is the entire version in English. The R.R. covers a lot of things but this online copy allows you to hit the link to the exorcism bits and skip the other stuff. In 1999 the Vatican issued an update of the R.R.


This is kind of a cool surprise find. It's a page on Islamic views of possession/exorcism using the Koran as scriptural reference. I'm not any kind of scholar on the Islamic view so anyone reading this will know about as much as I do on what they think. The site looks like it is well done though. Interesting.

Cast What Out?

Nice page from a Catholic who distinguishes possession from MPD and cautions against idiots who try to exorcise the mentally ill (which can really make psychiatric problems worse).

Laughable Demonology Sites


These people are nutty. Classic homestyle deliverance ministry types.

How to Cast Out Demons (Exorcism)

Deliverance ministry How-to from folks who take themselves quite seriously. Quite the pep talk on Jesus.

Exorcism Request Form

Classic online exorcism sales pitch from a charlatan. Great way to exorcise money from your wallet. When I stop laughing at this one I may call this moron up and order one just to see it in action.

Demonbuster.com Deliverance Manual

Notorious idiocy. Pig and I have been laughing about these folks for years. Do not read this site if you are drinking a beverage and value your keyboard.

Demons - Wiccan

Lest you think only Christians make fools out of themselves, have a peek at this witchcraft page on demons.

How to Deal With Your Personal Demons

This is pretty hooty. Ancient Chinese Spellbinding Scroll discovery teaches how to self-exorcise. Watch out for those talking farm animals!

What is a Demon?

No list of demon idiocy would be complete without Bob Larson. Send check or money order to . . .

Is your comuter possessed?

Are you sure???

Exorcisms - Negative Influences Removed

Get a remote exorcism. This guy can clean out your demons and he doesn't even have to be there.

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