<<< I tend to be very target specific and goal-oriented w/ magick and so with divination I'm looking for specific information. >>>

Sometimes people get lost in their own plans when they look for specifics only. While it's good to get a handle on these things, a simple check for "what will develop within such-and-such field of life?" can expose previously unknown material. Tarot, runes, or some quick divination method works well for this sort of question. You can draw specific details from them, but you can just as easily get a general outlook on your life. From there, you can get more specific details, either with the cards/runes/etc or with scrying. For example, you can divine for opportunity in a general sense. If you discover an interesting lead, you can follow it up with scrying or with laying out more cards as a means of fleshing out the details of that lead. If you decide to pursue the lead, you can employ other spells toward the goal. If i have a particular scrying subject, i'll put the link to it behind the mirror so that looking into the mirror is like looking into the subject. If changes need to be made, i draw a sigil over the target with a gesture, thus stamping the desire on whatever the target may be.

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