Obtain a suitable book. The type of book you choose will determine the type of answer you get, so make sure that you choose a book offering a variety of possible answers. If you use a book with only one type of information, like an automotive repair manual, your results will be limited. Dictionaries work most excellently, though the Bible and Homer will also work well.

Lay your hand on the book cover, name the book by its title, and ask a question out loud.

Open the book, and lay your hand on any random word, without looking at the word you are choosing. Make note of the word chosen, and continue for as long as you feel is necessary to form a sentence.

Take the words, in the order they were received, and make a sentence from them. This sentence will be the answer to your question.

Example Question:

"What will I encounter if I go to the gocery store today?"
Answer: (from a dictionary)
"concealed," "contempt," "sense," "resent"
Today I should avoid the grocery, lest I sense hidden contempt from people there who resent me.

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