When you see a bird, its presence and actions have significance which can allow you a glimpse into one of life's patterns.  By answering the following three questions, you may come to an understanding of what this significance has to offer.  Some suggested interpretations follow each question below, but experience will teach you best.

1. What kind of bird is it?

Birds of Prey     Enterprise

Hawks  -  Personal business, on display yet affecting no one else.
Eagles  -  Public business, something affecting a group.
Owls  -  Private business, something kept from public knowledge.

Scavenger Birds     Exploitation

Vultures  -  Individual making use of community resources.
Crows  -  Individual making use of another individual's resources.
Starlings  -  Community making use of community resources.

Songbirds     Entertainment

Jays  -  Morning, opportunism.
Doves  -  Afternoon, company and fellowship.
Night Birds  -  Night, relaxation.

Game Birds     Elegance

Ducks  -  Conformity of sense of worth.
Geese  -  Conflicting standards or worth.
Grouse  -  Disregard of standards of worth.

2. What is the bird doing?


North  -  Material change (gain or loss).
South  -  Change of quality (better or worse).
East  -  Superficial change.
West  -  New limitations, retreat.


On the Ground  -  Gain with little effort.
In a Tree  -  Gain from work.
In the Road  -  Gain from others.
Feeding Young  -  Gain for others.


Singing  -  Calling attention to some need, lesson, duty, or opportunity.
Fighting  -  Conflict and adversity.
Standing  -  An impasse.
Dead  -  Removal, loss.

3. Where is the bird in relation to you?

Front  -  Something obvious.
Behind  -  Something hidden.
Left  -  Something acting upon you which you can affect.
Right  -  Something which you can use to your advantage.
Above  -  Something which affects you, that you cannot affect.
Stepped On  -  Unexpected event, usually negative.

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