Here's another I had done when I was in high school dealing with who was right for me in pursuing a love interest.


If you have for instance 3 people you are interested in and wanted to find out which one is best suited for you, get 3 red apples. On each apple, write the names (full name works the best for this) on to it ( *NOTE* one name per apple ). While writing each name onto each apple, concentrate on that person, meaning visualize this person. After you are done, place the apples in a dark area where no one but you knows where it is. You will now have to check the apples to see which ones is staying the freshes, for the one that rots last, is the one best for you. Make sure to NOT over look the fact that sometimes just because one of the apples seems to be getting rotten first that it is out of the running, for sometimes, what may seem to look like one of the apples looks as if it will stay fresher longer could change and decide to go rotten first. SO, make sure to give each apple a fair shake till the very end, it's the same way as you are giving your love interests a fair shake. Keep checking the apples ATLEAST twice a day, BUT NEVER less then that for you may come back to the apples, let's say 2 days later just to find ALL went bad not knowing which stayed the freshes out of all of them, and that won't help you one bit, so bare this in mind for THIS is VERY important to you.

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