The following essay is offered as a basic introduction to the primary planes of existence. This is based on my experience, knowledge, and opinion, not to claim of course that any of the preceding is infallible. This work is here to provide a better understanding of the interaction of the Physical, Mental and Astral Planes. Like all things written on the topic of the metaphysical or magic, interpretations will differ.

Most anyone that deals with magic, in any sense of the word, has an understanding of the Astral Plane. Interpretations of how the astral plane is defined will of course vary from individual from individual. The astral plane, by its very nature defies logical definition, and will be addressed further in this discussion.

The Physical Plane defines itself for most people. It is the plane that we, as humans, are most familiar with. This is the plane that is measurable, definable by our five senses of sight, sound, taste, smell, and touch. It would be the “Here and Now”, as time and location are both quantitative.

The Mental Plane is the Plane of thought. This is where reasoning occurs, and comprehension takes place. Logic and deduction are the products of this plane. The mental plane can be thought of as the “Self”, the thoughts and processes that make an individual unique.

Of course one of the questions that arises at this point is “What about emotions?” Emotions are an instinctual response that have been conditioned into the human body. They are not a part of the Mental Plane as they are by-products of the biological factors upon our physical frames. Therefore emotions would be classified as part of the Physical Plane.

For every plane, an individual has a “body”, or a presence. Everyone on the physical plane has a physical body (It just works out that way), they also have a mental body (their thoughts and ideas), and regardless of whether they are aware of it or not, they also have an “Astral Body”. These bodies “overlap” each other, as every person is a combination of Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Of the three, the Mental body is the most important. I say this because without the impetus, and conscious direction of the mind, the existence of the other two planes becomes inconsequential. A mind cannot affect the physical plane without a means of conducting its energies on that plane, hence the need for a physical body. The same can be said of the Astral Plane, without the development of the astral body, a mind has no way of transmitting it’s intent into the Astral.

Given the above it can be said that the physical and the astral bodies are the means by which a mental body communicates and interacts within the given planes. The physical plane and the astral plane can be seen as opposite sides of the same coin, being the means by which a mental body projects it’s will and intent.

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